Communication using Japanese is the goal

In Marugoto, using Japanese to actually communicate is the goal. The goal is not just to increase your knowledge of grammar and sentence patterns. Can-dos are set as objectives that show what you will be able to do in what situations, and you study Japanese that can be used in real-life situations. For example, at the starter’s level, for people who have just started studying Japanese, you take part in simple communication while doing things such as saying greetings, and talking about your hobbies and food you like. At the intermediate level, you practise speaking about yourself at length while doing things such as reading and listening to authentic Japanese. At whichever level, the aim is for people to understand each another while actually communicating in Japanese.

Incorporating the latest theory about learning

Marugoto incorporates learning processes that are based on the results of a variety of studies on second language acquisition. For example, the process from input, in the form of audio recordings, to oral output is taken into consideration, so that ability in oral output can be increased. Grammar practice is designed so that, through Notice and Discover activities that take place within real communication, grammar can be learned within a meaningful context.

Any learner can easily study Japanese with Marugoto

Marugoto is designed so that people can easily study at their own pace, even people who only have time to study Japanese once a week. This is particularly so at the Starter (A1) stage, where the learners’ workloads are made as light as possible, in order for them to be able to maintain their study. These learning materials are ideal for overseas learners studying Japanese as a hobby, and learners living in Japan studying Japanese for everyday life.

Studying Japanese culture using a variety of topics

Marugoto is a set of learning materials that contains a good balance of both Japanese language and Japanese culture. You experience Japanese culture while studying a range of topics related to Japan, such as Travel, Food, Festivals and Manga. Because there are a lot of full-colour illustrations and photographs, you can make progress in your learning in an enjoyable way using a wide variety of visual information.

Free downloadable supplementary materials

The audio recordings from Marugoto can all be downloaded from the website. A variety of free supplementary materials have also been made available, such as vocabulary lists and translations of the texts that feature in the learning materials. There are also resources for teachers who teach using Marugoto, such as a Teaching Guide.

E-learning fully supported

Marugoto is not only for studying in class. E-learning is also supported, so that study in class can be linked to study outside class. On the website you can do self-study by checking the meaning of vocabulary using MARUGOTO Words (MARUGOTO-NO-KOTOBA), and by watching video using MARUGOTO +. You can also study Marugoto for free without having to go to a classroom if you use the online course known as Minato. To practise Japanese characters, you can make use of the HIRAGANA/KATAKANA/KANJI Memory Hint app.

Have fun studying Japanese language and culture using Marugoto, a brand new type of learning materials!

* Please check this page if you would like to know more on the concept and special features of Marugoto.

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