• Teacher's Notes(730KB)
  • About Digital Audio Files with BGM(214KB)
  • Vocabulary Index

    These are the lists of all the words that appear in this book. The words are listed in both Japanese alphabetical order and order of appearance. Index words (written in kana), kanji (written in this book), first occurrence, accent, part of speech, dictionary forms and groups of verbs are listed. There are also English translations where necessary to distinguish the meaning.
    There are also Excel files with foreign language translations, as follows.

    • Japanese(117KB)
    • English(136KB)
    • Traditional Chinese(146KB)
    • Korean(159KB)
    • Indonesian(142KB)
    • Khmer(232KB)
    • Thai(150KB)
    • Vietnamese(144KB)
    • German(81KB)
    • French (79KB)
    • Spanish(149KB)
    • Portuguese(80KB)
    • Italian(83KB)
    • Hungarian(147KB)
    • Russian(94KB)
    • Arabic(142KB)
  • Phrase Index(13.5KB)

    This is a list of regular expressions that appear in the book and have strong connections to communication situations. It includes many greeting expressions.

  • Corrections List of the Reprints(143KB)