Vocabulary List

Vocabulary List (Word)

This is a list of the vocabulary used in each topic and part of Intermediate 2, in order of appearance. It includes index words, accents, English translations, and annotations. There is also a page with frequently used instructional expressions and their English translations.
This is a Word version of the Vocabulary List in English (PDF). You can use it to adjust the vocabulary in the chart to suit your class, or to create a vocabulary chart for a different language.

Vocabulary List (Excel)
This is the original document for the vocabulary list (Word version and PDF version). It can be processed and used as needed.

  • English(336KB)
  • Traditional Chinese(316KB)
  • Korean(319KB)
  • Indonesian(320KB)
  • Thai(351KB)
  • Vietnamese(324KB)
  • German(326KB)
  • French(333KB)
  • Spanish(322KB)
  • Hungarian(319KB)
  • Russian(347KB)