"You can enjoy studying!"

Larissa (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Larissa started studying Japanese by herself after watching Japanese dramas when she was in junior high school. She has been studying Japanese at the Jakarta Japanese Cultural Centre for about 6 years.

-What is your impression of using Marugoto to study Japanese?

By using Marugoto I think I can enjoy studying Japanese. It’s really interesting because the teacher uses a lot of different things when teaching. For example, when practising ordering in a restaurant, the person playing the role of the member of staff in the ramen or pizza restaurant wore hats from the restaurant.

-What do you like about Marugoto?

It’s easy to study and easy to understand. I’ve been studying Marugoto all the way from beginner to intermediate level. I think it’s easy to keep studying even for people who have just started studying. At first I studied hiragana, katakana and simple self introductions. Even though I only learnt simple self introductions at first, I gradually became able to give longer self introductions as I went up levels. In Marugoto the same topics appear at each level and you can study them in more detail, so that you get a sense or your own progress.

-What would you like to do using Japanese in the future?

In the future I think I’d like to be a Japanese teacher, but I still have a long way to go.