"It’s possible to study by yourself as well"

Sofia Scarlet (Cusco, Peru)

Sofia is studying Japanese using Marugoto at the Aiki Cultural Centre in Peru. At first she had no knowledge of Japanese language and culture, but she loves communicating with other people, and is now finding learning Japanese very rewarding.

-What is your impression of using Marugoto to study Japanese?

I think Marugoto is put together in a way that makes it easy to study by yourself as well. My teacher helps ensure I understand, but the material itself is easy to understand as well, and is very useful for studying everyday conversation.

-Do you have a story that illustrates the benefits of studying using Marugoto?

There’s an event called ‘Tea Party’ at the Aiki Cultural Centre every month. The teachers and students, and the head of the centre as well, speak Japanese there. My Japanese level isn’t really high like the other people, but I can understand what they’re saying and communicate with them.

-What are your favourite Japanese words? Why do you like them?

Mederu. It’s great that the words used for plants and animals are different from those used for people.

-What would you like to do using Japanese in the future?

While I’m young, I’d like to go to Japan and speak to Japanese people using my own ability without relying on other people’s help.